Other Services

A Full Service Bank

AThe Bank of LaFayette is your hometown, Full Service bank. Listed below are several different services that The Bank of LaFayette stands ready to provide.

Available Services

  • Bank-By-Mail
  • Bill drop - Postage free payment of local bills
  • Bill pay with PowerPay
  • Bookkeeping Research*
  • Bookkeeping Hotline - (706) 638-2710
  • Cashier's Checks*
  • Collection Services (including bond coupons)
  • Collection Drafts (incoming and outgoing)
  • Community Rooms (Rock Spring and North Main Street)*
  • Direct Deposit (Payroll, retirement, social security, etc.)
  • Foreign Currency Service
  • Money Orders*
  • Night Depository Services (Commercial* and Individual)
  • Notary Service
  • Personalized Checks*
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Telephone transfer of funds
  • Travelers Checks*
  • Utility Payments may be made for N.G.E.M.C.
  • Wire Transfer Services*
  • *Services may require additional fees and/or deposits

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